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Why Purpose Should Be At The Centre Of Your Membership Message – Adam Donnan CEO of IES

September 6, 2021

In this episode, host Gordon Glenister talks with Adam Donnan, the CEO of the Institution of Environmental Science. 

The IES represents individual consultants, academia, those working for Natural England, The Environment Agency and local government. This gives them the opportunities and the tools to create real system change, by having a strong purpose at the core of what they do. Adam says membership bodies need to have a sense of purpose at the heart of the organisation.

CEOs want to grow their membership, they want an engaged and active membership, alongside staff that know they are doing and why they are doing it. Purpose can fulfil all those aims. 

Growing your membership is broken into two areas, Adam says. The first is a transactional one based on a range of services offered that meets the needs of the member; but the other is a more altruistic one. The altruist is more about the well being of the sector and a sense of wanting to give back; and in many instances this can be a deeper relationship than the transactional one.

Find out more at what Adam has to say on this.

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